Contract Lifecycle Management Software Pricing: What's the Most Inexpensive

By Karry Kleeman

  May 26, 2015        contract management

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is the proactive, methodical management of a contract. CLM software is a tool that helps automate that process.

When evaluating tools, price is always a topic of conversation and purchasing the most inexpensive CLM software isn’t always the best option.

When you reach 5-10 people involved in the contract process, you’re ready. That could mean 5-10 sellers, or five salespeople, one legal, and a sales operations person, etc. Look for contract management technology that is affordable, can be implemented in record speed, and offers significant time savings and productivity increases almost overnight.

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5 Security Best Practices for Contracts

By Ernesto Carrera

  May 22, 2015        Contracts

Everyone knows that contract security is important, but why? When I talk to customers they typically have two main desires.

First, they’re concerned with document level security. They need to ensure that the right people have access to the right documents - and quickly. On the flip side, they want to make sure the wrong people (both internal and external) can’t get to documents that they shouldn’t see.

The next desire is more system level. They’re most often concerned with what will happen if one of the data centers hosting their contracts goes down. A best-in-class contract management solution will have redundancy. That is, they’ll have more than one data center in case one goes down. An added layer of security is to also have a third party backup system.  

Aside from using a system that prioritizes security, what can you to ensure your contracts are secure?

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3 ways to eliminate bottlenecks with contract lifecycle management

By Dan McNamara

  May 20, 2015        contract management

A bottleneck is anything that is preventing or slowing the process of getting a contract fully executed. These can include:

  • Time to find and fill out a contract appropriately, which can result in added cycles when information is incorrect.
  • Time spent in the approval process consisting of emailing attachments
  • No visibility into the status of the contract
  • No ability to “push” people to complete tasks, so contracts can be forgotten in the mix.

As a salesperson, I’ve definitely experienced my fair share of contract bottlenecks. Admittedly, the bottleneck has been, at times, me. From manually generating a contract to editing mistakes on my end and securing the signature.

Now that we’re using our own product internally, the bottlenecks on our end are now streamlined, but I still have the out-of-my-hands factors like the contract sitting in my customers’ inbox, waiting for approval.  

The good news is, with a few changes, it’s possible to eliminate bottlenecks.

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3 benefits to growing your business with contract management software and CPQ

By Joyce Karpel

  May 19, 2015        contract management, CPQ, CLM

As an account executive at SpringCM, I spend a lot of my time speaking with customers about integrating configure price quote (CPQ) with contract lifecycle management (CLM). Companies have spent the past few years focusing heavily on the initial stages of a sales cycle, ensuring that the buyer's journey moves seamlessly between lead generation, nurturing and hand-off to sales. However, I'm beginning to notice more companies looking to invest in the back half of the sales process, when negotiations begin and where complicated processes like contract management and pricing are potentially slowing deals down. 

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What is Contract Lifecycle Management?

By Ruth Gallagher

  May 15, 2015        contract management

I have spent my entire career selling enterprise software. I have lived through many contract negotiations. There is a lot of stress that comes with the experience of negotiating global master license agreements. By the time we get to the MSA, there is pent up demand to get started on the project. The only thing standing in the way is the contract. Should we schedule the teams for kickoff based on a quick negotiation? All eyes are on this process. And this is a defining moment that sets the tone in this relationship.  

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4 Contract Lifecycle Management Best Practices for Sales Teams

By John Garvin

  May 13, 2015        contract management

As an Account Executive at SpringCM, every day, I talk to sales leaders who are looking for a way to get rid of chasing contracts down in email, desktops and other solutions that don’t have the functionality of a contract management solution.

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Meet Sharik of Cloud Sherpas

By Team SpringCM

  May 11, 2015        CPQ, CLM

Earlier this month, the SpringCM Team sat down to speak with Sharik Dhiman from Cloud Sherpas. Sharik is a member of the Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) center of excellence, focused on Steelbrick (a SpringCM partner) implementations.

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SaaS Security Essentials for Legal

By Milton L. Petersen

  May 7, 2015        contract management, software

There was a time when almost all computer software was delivered to customers or licensees on disks or some other type of portable media, and then installed on individual computers at the customer’s location. Under this traditional software licensing model, software licenses and usage rights were generally measured and limited by readily identifiable physical parameters (for example, a specified number of sites, servers, workstations, or “seats” ), generally making it relatively easy for the customer (or for the software licensor) to monitor or verify compliance with the license and rights that the customer had purchased to the software.

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5 Top Blogs for Sales Professionals

By Team SpringCM

  May 6, 2015        Sales effectiveness

Salespeople are nothing if not driven to self-education and becoming better at meeting the demands of their customers. And internet is nothing if not over-saturated with blogs and content claiming to contain the best practices for said sales reps. We consider ourselves to be pretty avid readers of the internet, and have used our discerning taste as current and former salespeople to identify and share our top five blogs for sales professionals - listed in no particular order- for sales professionals. Leave your own favorites in the comments! 

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A Day in the Life of a Contract Administrator

By Team SpringCM

  May 1, 2015        Contracts

We recently sat down with Karen Hicks, who is a Director of Contracts and Administration at a software company, to learn what a day is like in her professional life. She covers every possible contract that could pass through a company.

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