4 ways to prepare for automating contract creation

By Scott Witoszynski

  March 27, 2015        contract management

Throughout the years, I've worked with customers who want to automate their contract creation. When most people start the process, they think it’s pretty straighforward. But when they look under the covers, there’s a lot more to it. There’s a lot of discovery that needs to happen. That discovery starts with thinking about the people who have a say or stake in the acquisition process, in order to truly involve them to where you can automate the process.

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How to automate sales contract compliance

By Chris King

  March 25, 2015        sales contract

Throughout any organization, there are different kinds of compliance concerns. For example, your legal department is concerned that the most up-to-date and legally solid contracts are being used. Sales just wants to close the deal before the quarter is over, and IT is concerned with what information is being shared with whom.  

As the VP of Operations at SpringCM, I field most of these concerns — especially IT’s, because I’m extensively involved in security initiatives.

While there are definitely compliance standards that are required by law, sales contract compliance is typically tied to an internal compliance requirement.

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Q1 roundup: contract management software reviews

By Team SpringCM

  March 24, 2015        Contracts, contract management

If you've been following our blog, you'll have noticed we're big on sharing what our peers are accomplishing in the contract management space. Our focus is on the success of our customers, and we know that your contract lifecycle management (CLM) investments need to be well-considered and well-researched. So we figured we'd do some of the Googling for you! Now that Q1 is winding down, we've pulled together a roundup of our contract management software reviews.  

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How to improve the relationship between sales and finance with automated document workflow

By Karen Haleem

  March 23, 2015        Workflow

Regardless of your industry or department, chances are your day-to-day revolves around meeting set goals. The sales team chases quarterly sales quota, the HR manages the office and sources top talent, and so on and so forth. However, when departments do not have a system or a method to connect with each other, the smallest problem can create a domino effect throughout a company.

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A Review of the Best Tool for Document Workflow

By Ernesto Carrera

  March 18, 2015        Workflow

Most of the companies I talk to are looking for workflow to help standardize a business process. If you’re trying to standardize a process, and make it less chaotic and more structured, you're probably in need of workflow. 

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What is the best software for redlining a contract?

By Chris Van Horn

  March 17, 2015        Contracts, sales contract

Redlining is a critical piece of any contract negotiation. Years ago, that meant taking a paper document, using a red pen and marking up the requested changes that needed to be sent back to your customer, vendor, or partner via snail mail. Since then, tools have been built that allow professionals to capture any changes to a contract electronically. The tool that you use specifically for capturing changes to a document needs to be considered in the context of the overall lifecycle of your contract process.
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How to manage contracts in Salesforce

By Jessica VanOflen

  March 16, 2015        Contracts, Salesforce.com, Salesforce

When I think about managing contracts in salesforce, I think about documents, negotiations and signatures. When I started to look around the web and Googled "storing contracts in salesforce", "managing contracts in salesforce" and "sales contracts in salesforce", I started to see an entire different universe that included data, workflow and visibility. This made me step back and think about the solution as a whole. Managing sales contracts in salesforce is a combination of data, documents, process and visibility!

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SpringCM's March 2015 Release: An Interview with VP Product Development

By Katie Gutwein

  March 13, 2015        SpringCM Releases

On this blog, we shy away from talking about ourselves. The content we share is typically educational with little to no mention of SpringCM. But once in awhile, we do like to give our readers some insight into what's going on behind the scenes. 

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The biggest challenge with contract management in salesforce.com

By Samuel Mercado

  March 12, 2015        Contracts, Salesforce.com, Salesforce

The definition of a contract is ‘a written or spoken agreement, especially one concerning employment, sales, or tenancy, that is intended to be enforceable by law.’ When it comes to sales, the only kind of contract that means something to my CEO is an agreement that is signed by both parties and enforceable by law. 

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The Biggest Challenge with Content Management in Salesforce.com

By Samuel Mercado

  March 11, 2015        Salesforce.com, Salesforce

Is there anything Salesforce.com doesn't do? Salesforce has its Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Communities, Analytics, Mobile, Content, Contracts and every other buzzword out there when it comes to technology, business and process. It’s a one stop shop for all of your business needs. But what does that really mean to a company when you start to dig in and understand your business requirements and needs?  

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